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Chris Lomont's Seaham Project Page


An art installation in the UK

  <p>	  <img alt="" height="300" src="small/SmallTesting4.jpg" width="400" /><img alt="" height="300" src="small/SmallTesting3.jpg" width="400" /><img alt="" height="300" src="small/SmallTesting2.jpg" width="400" /><img alt="" height="300" src="small/SmallTesting1.jpg" width="400" /></p>
  <p>Two screenshots of code, which consists of about 5000 lines of C# and 
  some XAML for a WPF viewer:&nbsp;</p>
  <p><img alt="" height="300" src="small/SmallCode1.jpg" width="400" />	  <img alt="" height="300" src="small/SmallCode2.jpg" width="400" /></p>
<h3>Unpacking, repair, and tuning</h3>
<p>Many LEDs got knocked loose during transit, so Gene fixed them as I 
polished the software. The artist and I sat and went through the various 
visualizations, tuning the colors and speed and frequencies, until all were 
 <p><img alt="" height="300" src="small/SmallInstall1.jpg" width="400" /><img alt="" height="400" src="small/SmallTuning2.jpg" width="300" /><img alt="" height="300" src="small/SmallTuning4.jpg" width="400" /><img alt="" height="400" src="small/SmallTuning3.jpg" width="300" /><img alt="" height="400" src="small/SmallTuning1.jpg" width="300" /></p>
 <p>Then we stayed overnight in Durham, which had lots of neat architecture 
 and places to walk.</p>
 <p><img alt="" height="300" src="small/SmallDurham.jpg" width="400" /></p>

<p>Once we were satisfied the device was working well, we set about 
attaching it to the column. Locals Dean Cook and Simon Bennett were 
indispensible help. </p>
 <p>First we needed many holes for sttachment and for power/control wires:</p>
 <p><img alt="" height="400" src="small/SmallInstall2.jpg" width="300" /><img alt="" height="300" src="small/SmallInstall3.jpg" width="400" /><img alt="" height="400" src="small/SmallInstall4.jpg" width="300" /></p>
 <p>Then we attached modules, one at a time, from the top down. Each module 
 was supported to prevent sagging by a fishing line attached through a hole 
 in the top. Each module was tested upon installation.</p>
 <p><img alt="" height="300" src="small/SmallInstall5.jpg" width="400" /><img alt="" height="300" src="small/SmallInstall7.jpg" width="400" /><img alt="" height="300" src="small/SmallInstall6.jpg" width="400" />
 <p>All but one and then all modules installed!</p>
 <p>	 <img alt="" height="400" src="small/SmallInstall8.jpg" width="300" /><img alt="" height="400" src="small/SmallInstall9.jpg" width="300" /></p>
<h3>The End</h3>