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Chris Lomont's Lego Clock page


A Lego clock

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    <p > <a href="clocki.ldr">Here </a>is the MLCAD file 

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    <p > A face shot showing the hands. Hour is on left, 
    minute in middle, and second on right.</p>

    <p > <img alt="Clock Face" src="ClockI_face.jpg" width="640" height="480"/></p>

    <p > <a href="http://legOS.sourceforge.net">legOS</a>
    <a href="clocki.c">source code</a>. This code is not finished (for 
    example, it makes the clock run backwards at the moment). If I get time 
    I want to add functions to set the time, add an alarm clock, and make it 
    play the standard clock tune every hour or half hour.</p>

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    <p > <a href="ClockI_r3d.zip">Zipped Real3D</a> (1.13 MB) 
    file created my converter from MLCAD, with <a href="clocki.zip">zipped 
    output file </a>(1MB).</p>

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    <p > Perhaps if I get time I'll post a tutorial here on 
    building this robot</p>

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    <p > Miscellaneous Pictures - click for a 1280x1024 
    <a href="clocki.png">PNG(355K)</a> or <a href="clocki.jpg">JPG (108K)</a></p>

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