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Ever since third grade I have been fascinated with computers, electronics, and robots. Most of what I do professionally and for hobbies revolve around this. My most time consuming hobby is programming things for fun, research, and profit. See my computer page for more details.


I love solving puzzles of many kinds: sliding block, mathematical, structural, research, word, chess, brain benders, etc. I once joined Mensa, thinking it would get me more puzzles and puzzle people, but after it did not, I let my membership lapse. 

A Simple Fast Fourier Transform

Jan 2010

This article (600kb PDF) presents a free, simple, fast Fast Fourier Transform in C#. It derives the code and explains the FFT in detail. It also presents a real to complex FFT useful for many engineering tasks which has the advantage of being twice as fast and uses half the resources as a traditional FFT. Source code is available in C# or HTML view.

The Hidden Subgroup Problem - Review and Open Problems

Oct 2004

An overview of quantum computing and in particular the Hidden Subgroup Problem (HSP) is presented from a mathematical viewpoint. Detailed proofs are supplied for many important results and notation is unified, making it easier to absorb the background necessary to begin research on the HSP. Some errors in previous proofs are corrected. Proofs are provided which give very concrete algorithms and bounds for the finite abelian case with little outside references, and future directions are provided for the nonabelian case. This summary is current as of October 2004. 83 pages.




LED Cube

NEW! Check out our site to sell cubes at www.hypnocube.com!


The construction of a LED cube is chronicled (Main page, Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, New Videos, Old Videos). Currently we sell commercial 4x4x4 cubes and kits at www.hypnocube.com, and are still working on the larger 8x8x8. The final goal is a 4096+ color 8x8x8 cube that plays visualizations, sound animations, and user defined art, and is a standalone unit that can be placed anywhere in the house. It will likely support a wi-fi web interface for easy user scripting of visualizations and modifications.




This is a pseudo-traditional plasma demo showing nice animated layering effects. If you are familiar with the standard plasma effect from the demoscene, you will like this version. There are three sets of concentric circles, warped as they wobble, and then XOR'ed in bitplanes to get the nice coloring.

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