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Lomont's Cross Sums


Here is a program I made to play, solve, edit, and in general let you enjoy Cross Sum Puzzles.

Over 150 puzzles can be found here and here!

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Download here

                Lomont's Cross Sums (830K  self-installing executable)



If you enjoy this, and use it over 30 days, please send $15 to

                Chris Lomont
                Izi Wa Computer Miscellany
                10620 Oak Chapel Dr
                Ft Wayne, IN 46845

Please include a way I can email you updates and newer versions, and I will send the next version (see below).

If you would like to email me puzzles (CLOMONT at MATH.PURDUE.EDU) I will include them on my website and include them in future versions, with credit of course. Do not send others work or copyrighted material.

If I make over $900 (just 60 people!) then I will add the following features:

Happy Puzzling!!

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