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Walker I


Walker I - a walking, turning robot. This robot walks until a touch sensor is pushed (like on a bumper). It then plays a sound, backs up until the outer leg is off the ground, which triggers a touch sensor, and then turns by rotating the inner leg. Then it walks forward until it bumps something again, repeating the process.

The cad file has some parts not aligned quite right - it was my first time using MLCAD and I didn't notice the misalignment. The next robot will have a better cad file.


An AVI animation in DIVX(863K) or standard Indeo(1.88 MB)


legOS source code


POV-RAY file created by L3P from the LDR  file created in MLCAD


Perhaps if I get time I'll post a tutorial here on building this robot


Miscellaneous Pictures - click for a 1280x1024 JPG (436K) rendering or a PNG (392K) version.

The sensor assembly renderings have a mistake - one part is shifted, but it is corrected in the LDR file.


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